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 This page is for photographs 

from Allen Childs of Totton.


It takes a man, newly arrived from Lancashire, to appreciate and take a real interest in our local scenes & website!


The Man!



This is Allen in his camouflage, prepearing to take more

exclusive pictures for 

Copythorne News.

Posted 28th June 2012    

Testwood Lakes: Fresh water mussel 

Testwood Lakes: Damsel fly at rest Testwood Lakes: Fresh water mussel
01 33 34
Posted 2nd May 2012      
Allen-01 Allen-02 Allen-03
Allen-04 06-Allen  Allen-08 
Posted 22nd March 2012    
Battle Royal at Testwood Lakes Battle Royal at Testwood Lakes Battle Royal at Testwood Lakes
29 30 31
Posted 12th March 2012    
Strange happenings in the Forest:-    
Bears in the Forest? Comms before mobiles What's in yer bag?
26-Allen 27-Allen 28-Allen
Posted 5th March 2012    
Bewitched in Burley Itchy at Lyndhurst Lazy days in New Forest
20-Mar 21-Mar 22-Mar
Listen - One of Us is Lost Please mum Can I ? Testwood B & B 
23-Mar 24-Mar 25-Mar
Posted 22nd Feb 2012       





<Frozen Lake - Beaulieu






I O W from Milford >


Posted 20th Feb 2012    
Janeswood Pond : New Forest Janeswood Pond : New Forest   Test River Robin 
Feb-13 Feb-14 Feb-15
 Posted 8th Feb 2012  Testwood Lakes  
02 03 04
 Posted 10th Feb 2012   Testwood Lakes      
 05  06  07
Posted 10th Feb 2012     Testwood Lakes      
08 09  11 





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