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Community events and information online

    Purpose 300x300 is an initiative , promoted and supported by Copythorne ParishCouncil,to provide an online service to the local community.   will rely entirely on income from advertising and sponsorship. will always welcome the advice and assistance of organisations, tradespersons and businesses that can provide support whilst also promoting their intertses.    

All profits that are generated from this enterprise will be distributed back within the local area for community projects.



Calendar of Events

     Event entry details will be FREE to all organisations meeting locally.Also any acceptable (local) charitable event will be given a free listing providing the event details are known well in advance. It is our intention to keep an advanced events diary of at least one year. If you event is held on an annual basis (fete, carnival etc) please, therefore, let us know the date proposed for the following years' event before the current years' event has taken place. You will then receive a full year of "advertising" for the event and alert other organisations to you intentions.